sábado, 5 de febrero de 2005

Statement of Principles

With the loadspeakers to the street.

Buenos Aires Sonora (BAS) is a sonic art group that produces different installations and interventions in urban spaces where sound is the main material and ideas generator.

In Argentina there aren’t too many antecedents in this field, although it is usual in Europe to produce this type of work, where the Argentinean Mauricio Kagel and the North American Bill Fontana are the main references.

For us, to move "with the loudspeakers to the street" implies much more than to take music technology out of the asceticism of a study to compete for and to share the public space (and its sonic surroundings). It is more about relocating our musical education in an inevitably complex and multisensorial context. In a world dominated by the line of vision, through sound and its ubiquity our intention is:
  1. To modify and to reformulate the alienated or stereotyped perception of the public spaces.
  2. To generate awareness on the different sonic landscapes that surrounds us.
  3. To use these sonorous landscapes as a space for artistic creation.
  4. To mobilize and to shock our historic memories, using sonic images from documentary archives.
  5. To demonstrate that each public space can be seen as great theaters containing acoustic art and that there is "potential music" in many of the objects in these places.

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