sábado, 5 de febrero de 2005


To date, the group has made three performances in public spaces in the City of Buenos Aires. Two of them are:

  • July 5th, 2003 and September 9th and 16, 2006. "Mayo, Los sonidos de la Plaza". It`s a sound installation (64 min) presented in the Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Using 9 real audio channels, the work reviews Argentina´s history between October 17th, 1945 and the December 20th, 2001. The voices of Peron, Evita, Galtieri, Alfonsin, Menem and others are listen again in the same place that they were originally listen by the argentinian people. Besides, it is posible to listen to events like the bombing of the plaza in june of 1955 (more than 300 injuries), sounds of police represion, popular celebrations and the "madres de plaza de mayo" . Listen an excerpt: Dictadura militar 1976-1983. Plaza de Mayo is the most emblematic space for Argentina´s political life.

  • December 11th and 12th, 2004. “El Puente Suena” on Puente de la Mujer designed by the Catalonian architect Santiago Calatrava, at Puerto Madero. It consists on the transformation of the bridge into a gigantic electroacoustics instrument which not only plays its own sounds but uses the surroundings sonic history. Duration 40 min.
    Excerpts on video: El puente suena
Contact: Martín Liut- mliut@unq.edu.ar

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